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July 22: One year later

22 jui

As we mark one year since the attacks on Utøya Island and in Oslo, NRK will broadcast a memorial concert live at 8 p.m., Norwegian time (2 p.m. EST). You can watch it on their website.

If you live in Norway, where were you on July 22 last year? How has the event changed your life?

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Anders Behring Breivik ruled insane →

Anders Behring Breivik, the man responsible for the mass murders in Norway on July 22 of this year, was ruled to be insane at the time he committed the acts by several psychiatrists. More details from Nettavisen (English translation here). 

Støtt fra Kentucky! (For alle som ble rammet og drept av den angrepene i Norge, 22/7/2011 

A very short video, showing my support with a Norwegian flag hanging from my apartment window. (I know I made some mistakes in the video —- of the ones I noticed right away, “vinduen min" should be "vinduet mitt”.)

What I said (or intended to) in Norwegian, with an English translation:

Hi alle! Det er meg. Jeg har en ny video for dere. Jeg har noe (å) vise til dere også. Jeg har et norsk flagg i vinduen min (vinduet mitt). Jeg ønsket å gjøre til å gi støttet til de norske folk og også til Norge. Så det hanger (henger) i vinduen min (vinduet mitt) siden siste lørdag. Jeg er så lei om hva skjedde i Norge; også, alle som ble rammet og drept i Norge. Jeg følte … det var veldig overrasket. Jeg følte meg så dårlig da skjedde det. Så, Norge og alle folk som bo der, dere alle har mitt støtt. Jeg elsker deg.

Hi everyone! It’s me. I have a new video for you. I have something (to) refer to you as well. I have a Norwegian flag in my window (my window). I wanted to do to give support to the Norwegian people and also to Norway. So the hanger (hanging) in the window my (my window) since last Saturday. I’m so sorry about what happened in Norway, too, all that was hit and killed in Norway. I felt … it was very surprised. I felt so bad when it happened. So, Norway and all the people who live there, you all have my support. I love you.

(On a side note, this was very, very random, which may explain the mistakes!)

Powerful image from the rose procession at Rådhusplassen (image courtesy of I Love Oslo).

Powerful image from the rose procession at Rådhusplassen (image courtesy of I Love Oslo).


Via Views and News from Norway:

Norway ’s worst catastrophe since World War II continued to deepen during the night, when the director of the state police announced that at least 80 persons were killed in a massacre at the Labour Party’s annual summer camp. Øystein Mæland also warned that more bodies could be discovered at the site.

The island of Utøya has been the site of the Labour Party’s annual summer camp for its youth group AUF for decades. On Friday it turned into a bloody massacre scene. PHOTO: NRK/Views and News

“We still don’t have a final overview over the number of injured,” Mæland told reporters at a press conference around 3am Saturday, around 10 hours after a gunman dressed in a police uniform opened fire on campers on the island of Utøya northwest of Oslo.”Many critically injured are being treated at Ullevål University Hospital in Oslo. A long list of others injured are spread over other local hospitals. We won’t have a complete overview until tomorrow.”

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